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People's Panel survey on heritage


Auckland Council have a five-minute survey on “land-based” heritage which includes:

For the purpose of this survey, heritage is 'land-based', being places that are significant to us because they contribute to our understanding and appreciation of New Zealand / Aotearoa and Auckland / Tamaki Makaurau’s history and cultures, and our ancestors.

Our heritage includes:

  • Built heritage - historic buildings or structures

  • Archaeological sites

  • Places of special significance to Māori, including wāhi tapu, urupā, and places of traditional importance

  • Trees or other vegetation with historical or cultural associations

  • Places where significant events have taken place

  • Cemeteries and burial places

  • Shipwrecks and other maritime heritage

  • Historic landscapes.

The survey closes on Thursday 13th June 2019. Go to here