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Plan Change 26 Special Character Area Residential Overlay


PROPOSED PLAN CHANGE 26 TO THE AUCKLAND UNITARY PLAN - Submissions close on 28 June 2019.

Property owners in Remuera may have received a letter from Auckland Council if the council deems their property to be directly affected by the proposed changes.  

The Plan Change was notified on 30 May 2019. Submissions close on 28 June 2019.   

The plan change is a policy response by Auckland Council to an Environment Court declaration to clarify how the Special Character Areas Overlay – Residential (SCAR) - works with underlying zones. The Special Character Areas Overlay applies to various older parts of Auckland and applies to 50 different special character areas; each area has a ‘character statement’ in the Auckland Unitary Plan that summarises the particular values and qualities of that area. The overlay seeks to retain and manage the special character values of identified residential areas. However, Devonport Heritage have raised a very relevant issue about which rules should apply in protecting heritage and special character. Should the SCAR overlay apply or the Single House Zone? 

Devonport Heritage argue that the Single House Zone rules, standards and provisions should apply – especially in relation to Height in relation to Boundary and the rear yard set-back. You can read about it here:  

You can make a submission here

Chair of the Planning Committee for Auckland Council, Councillor Chris Darby, has created a “simplified version” of the proposed plan change 26 here .

You can read the Remuera character statement here at page 167+ in Schedule 15

The timeline is very tight for a complex technical issue, only 29 days for submissions, as opposed to Plan Change 27 which corrects errors and anomalies in the Historic Heritage Schedule (46 days allowed).