Reginald Delmage Pell Woods lived at 55 Clonbern Road, Remuera. He officially enlisted on 10 October 1918; one month later, on 8th November 1918, Reginald became ill and was admitted to Trentham Military Hospital for 17 days and died on 24 November 1918 of influenza. His son Peter also died while a prisoner of war in WW2 . Click Here to Read More
William Monr o was the son ofReverend George Bissett Monro and wife Agnes of Arney Road, Remuera, and St. Luke's Presbyterian Church, Remuera. He received his early education at Remuera School, and then at Auckland Grammar School (1909-10). He survived Gallipoli to be kiiled in action at the Battle of the Somme on the 15th October 1916. Click Here to Read More
Gordon Milligan lived at Mt Hobson in Remuera near where his father had a grocery business in Newmarket. He went to Remuera School. He arrived at Gallipoli on 26th April 1915 and was killed at the start of the Battle of the Somme on 10 September 1916. Click Here to Read More
George McNeil was living and working in Remuera as a carpenter when he joined the 23rd Reinforcements in the Auckland Infantry Regiment. He was badly wounded at the Battle of the Somme and died on 9 November 1918. Click Here to Read More
The New Zealand contingent of the Imperial Camel Corps sufferred 41 deaths in WW1. The list of names here is on the Imperial Camel Corps Memorial in London. There are 4 possible names missing. Click Here to Read More
Donald Buckland Gorrie of Remuera was working as an auctioneer in 1916 when he attested to join the N Z Mounted Rifles, transferring to the Imperial Camel Corps. He was killed in action in Palestine in November 1917 at the end of the Battle for Beersheba. His brother jack Gorrie was also killed at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Click Here to Read More
Rupert McKenzie was born 4 September 1894 in Remuera to Violet and Norman Roderick McKenzie, a schools inspector. He attended Remuera primary school and Whangarei High School before entering Auckland Grammar in February 1910. While at the Auckland University College from 1912-1915 doing his teacher training, he was a pupil-teacher at Remuera Primary School in 1912. He transferred to the Imperial Camel Corps, 4th (Anzac) Battalion, 16 (New Zealand) Company on 5 December 1916 Click Here to Read More
Gunner Robert Roderick Creighton Corbett McFarland was killed near Ypres in Belgium on 31st October 1917 aged 22. Three of his cousins were killed in the same battle and in the same month, viz. Corporal T. Nigel McFarland, Lance-Corporal Hugh Douglas Forde, and Private Norman Forde, and two of his cousins in the Old Country, Flight Lieutenant Curran, to whom the V C. and Legion of Honour were awarded for bravery. Click Here to Read More
Rifleman and Lance Sergeant William Mason was wounded at the first Battle for the Somme in September 1916 but was killed at the second Somme offensive in March 1918. His brother Reginald also served as a Rifleman and was wounded. Click Here to Read More
Rowley William Hay Chapman was born in 1894 at Auckland to Helene and Frank (Francis Frederick Angerstean Hay) Chapman, of Tainui Road Devonport, although his birth date on attestation is given as 17 July 1895. He attended Devonport and Remuera primary schools and Kings College Remuera in 1907. he was killed in action on 21 February 1917 somewhere on the front line near Fleurbaix between the Battle of the Somme (November 1916) and the Battle for Messines (June 1917) Click Here to Read More